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The vast majority of people we help find lots and land and looking for a place to build something. It may be a place to build a house or a commercial building, but the plan is to build. If some kind of building is in your future, here is the first thing we suggest as you start looking for lots or land. Evaluate your current knowledge of what is required to build. Zoning, deed restrictions, site planning, the process of getting building permits, and getting the required and recommended site inspections are all issues that must be handled before ground is broken and construction begins. Current knowledge is the key phrase because all of these issues are subject to frequent changes. Of course, if you are a builder or developer, you understand what we are talking about. If not, we strongly encourage you to get professional help.

One of our agents, James Williams, is a custom home builder who has built some of the finest homes in our area. We encourage you to go to his agent page on our site and contact him with any questions you may have about building the home of your dreams.

Another of our agents, Tony Singer, is a commercial builder. He has extensive experience, particularly in the construction of medical facilities. Go to his agent page to contact him about your building plans.

While buying vacant land or lots may seem like a simple process, if this isn't an area of your expertise, get help. Let us guide you through the process. That is the best plan to avoid costly mistakes that can derail your building plans.
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