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Johnny: My wife, Joni, and I have been partners in life and partners in business since we got married in 1971. We were students at Western Kentucky University. On weekends we traveled throughout the state singing with a Christian music group. Each month we published a newsletter with concert news and feature stories about music groups from Kentucky and neighboring states.

After college I spent six years in the radio business before starting Melloan Creative Services, an advertising and video production company. Joni was always an active participant in the business, singing jingles and acting in videos. At the same time, Joni was starting out in the real estate business. I’ll let her pick up the story now.

Joni: You might find it hard to imagine how different the real estate business was in 1979. That’s when I became a Realtor. Most agents were men. Most of them got into real estate later in life, many as a second career or as a part-time job to supplement their regular income. I was a 24 year old woman starting a real estate career at a time when interest rates topped 15%. My broker was nice enough to share a sale with me, my only deal during the first year. Fortunately, things got better.

Sixteen years later it was time to start my own company. Melloan Real Estate was established in 1995. The plan was simple—put together a team of high quality people who would provide high quality real estate services. Jane Clifford and Saundra Pelley were with me since day one. (Jane retired in 2017.)

During our early years my husband, Johnny, continued to operate Melloan Creative Services. He handled our advertising and marketing. In 2000, he did like the men we mentioned earlier and became actively involved in real estate sales as a second career. You might say this officially made Melloan Real Estate a mom and pop business.

Brent Robinson joined our team in 2001 and our son-in-law, James Williams, started working with us in 2003. Our most recent addition is Cassie Holley, who joined us in 2019. Brent was a general sales manager at a local car dealership. James operated his own dental lab.  Cassie is a math teacher and volleyball coach at North Hardin Christian School; she and her husband, Matt, have extensive experience in buying, selling, and flipping homes.

All of our agents are business professionals with deep roots in our community. It’s great to be able to work with people who are invested in our home town and the clients we serve.

Now that you know who we are, it’s time to tell you what we do. Melloan Real Estate is in the business of providing high quality real estate services, both residential and commercial. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of the people who choose us to handle their most important business matters. Our approach is simple. We pay close attention to the business details that make transactions run smoothly, and the personal details that help reduce the stress that can be associated with buying and selling property.

Our reputation is solid. We will be glad to give you references of satisfied customers, people from area financial institutions, or you may even want to talk with our competitors. We are proud of our working relationship with those in our profession and throughout the business community. Here’s one final point. There are a lot of very good real estate agents in our area. It is a significant step when you choose to work with us. We don’t take it lightly. You can depend on us to give you the time and attention you expect and deserve. And we’ll be glad to see you out in the community as you make our home town your home town.